Building a Home Security System with Elixir and Nerves

My talk at the Pivorak Conference 2.0 in Lviv on February 1, 2019.


Nerves is a framework for crafting bulletproof embedded software written in Elixir and deployed onto the rock-solid, nine-nines Erlang/OTP platform running directly on top of the Linux kernel. I will show how to get started with Nerves with the motivating example of a home security system running on a Raspberry Pi. To disarm the security system, you need to step in front of the camera and give a big smile. In addition to Nerves and Elixir, we will use deep learning with TensorFlow for face recognition.

Lviv, Ukraine
Arto Bendiken
Master Toolsmith, Cypherpunk Division

Digital nomad. Freelance coder. Polyglot hacker. Wannabe maker.