Arto's Notes re: virtues



The four cardinal Stoic virtues are:

  • Courage (andreia)
  • Temperance (sophrosyne)
  • Justice (dikaiosyne)
  • Wisdom (sophia)



The four universal tactical masculine virtues are:

  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Mastery
  • Honor


"Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor are the alpha virtues of men all over the world. They are the fundamental virtues of men because without them, no 'higher' virtues can be entertained. You need to be alive to philosophize. You can add to these virtues and you can create rules and moral codes to govern them, but if you remove them from the equation altogether you aren't just leaving behind the virtues that are specific to men, you are abandoning the virtues that make civilization possible."

Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

"When men evaluate each other as men, they still look for the same virtues that they'd need to keep the perimeter. Men respond to and admire the qualities that would make men useful and dependable in an emergency. Men have always had a role apart, and they still judge one another according to the demands of that role as a guardian in a gang struggling for survival against encroaching doom. Everything that is specifically about being a man--not merely a person--has to do with that role."

Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

"Men cannot be men--much less good or heroic men--unless their actions have meaningful consequences to people they truly care about. Strength requires an opposing force, courage requires risk, mastery requires hard work, honor requires accountability to other men."